יום שבת, 12 מרץ, 2011, 19:06

Neta, week#27

We had a coffee table that was not using it's 4 legs evenly. It was just a matter of time till "girls, please don't sit on that table" would turn into "I told you".
That time has come, this morning.

One of the girls showed up with a table leg in her hand and I said something about "need to fix it". Next thing I saw was Neta walking down the stairs to the root-cellar, where our tools are kept and climbing a few minutes later with the right screwdriver in her hand.
Then she asked for assistance. Daddy volunteered.

When she finished with the first screw and the table was stable again, she figured that she is missing a washer for the second screw.
(That is a funny word. what's to wash in a SHYBA?).
So she took the extra screw, went to the hardware store and found the right size washer. Then she went back home and finished the table fixing.

Recently Neta acquired a new useful living skill: Proper grocery bagging.
Normally I go shopping alone but all these ski days are a good excuse to cancel special drives to the big city. So we all go shopping and it is not a lot of fun to any of us.
On one of those family-shopping events she sort of lost her patience and came to help when I was at the till. Oh yeh… "help". (you can help by sitting there with your sisters…). She was charming and smiley and happy and I couldn't resist. So I let her join me and gently she pushed me aside and allowed me to hold the bag for her.
She bagged 4 full big shopping bags and all the tomatoes arrived home safely.
A week later, I called her from her seat to help. She IS a big help.